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Technocalyps (2006)
Absolutely Incredible
30 July 2009
I very highly recommend this film. Even though there is much conjecture about how technology might affect the future, there is also much that is discussed that is already true, and is actually affecting our lives today.

The fact that the rate of speed of technological advancements is doubling is a fact.

I won't say anymore, except that if you like to think, and you want to know what our future on this planet might hold very soon, and you want to have your mind blown, see this film immediately.

I loved it.

Robert R
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Breaking Bad (2008–2013)
Incredible Show
11 March 2009
I have to echo another reviewer on here and say that as of the past many years I have not watched television, save PBS, Discovery, or History channel. And the news, of course. There has been nothing except The Sopranos and Family Guy in the realm of series that warranted my attention. Almost everything out there is stupid drivel that insults the intelligence of educated human beings.

But Now !! Now we have Breaking Bad !!!

All I can say is: HOLY S**T !!! This is the best television series I've ever seen, and really goes into the realm of feature films as well, as far as being in my top ten. I cannot think of anything as of late that punched me in the face like this show did. I absolutely love it. If you have not seen it, do yourself a HUGE favor and rent the first season so you'll know what's going on, and you can see the transition of the characters. This show is beautifully written with plot twists coming in refreshing ways, and at just the right times. Some of what is shown I was surprised they put it on television,... and that's a great thing !! The acting is brilliant, and the themes are amazing, timeless and timely, and are presented to us in thought provoking ways that leave me pondering philosophical ideas long after the show is over. Yeah, this is a TV series !!! On AMC !! Hard to believe. This is one I'm raving about to everyone I know, and hope keeps going for a long, long time !!! Thanks to everyone involved with this genius show !!!
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