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Promising idea, but just meh...
tigrezangelietr26 October 2018
I wasn't captivated by the show. I think it suffers of the same problems of other current super hero shows: the writing. Some lines of dialogue are unnecessary (If someone just had an obvious meltdown, there is not need to ask "Are you ok?"). Something that I just don't get is people with super powers sunning away instead of using the powers. I also find particularly annoying is the Strukers, especially the parents, so dramatic and unnecessarily over protective, wanting to "help" but not by letting their kids use their powers. I find the mom particularly guilty of this in almost every scene that she is in (which again, is mainly the poor writing). This show has so much potencial, but so far is being wasted. Comic book based shows need to be written by comic book writers or at least by people familiar with the style. soap operish drama should stay in soap operas.
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Lacks depth or humor: too self-conscious
vicstevinson17 October 2017
After the first three episodes, it's clear the writers can't steer clear of toxic cliché and tired stereotypes. There's too much useless babbling -- "where did you get this car, these eats are sticky" is what the son is whining about when the family is desperately on the run. The mother is an adamant soccer mom who doesn't seem desperate at all: she's gonna get answers to her questions or nobody goes any further... oh darn, the police have arrived.

This show is okay for a time killer, but nothing profound or groundbreaking is happening.
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Mutants live on
DarkVulcan293 October 2017
I'm hooked after seeing the first episode, it's a great installment in The X-Men Universe. I was wondering will sink like the first episode of Inhumans. But it didn't sink it sailed in my book, the effects are incredible, and the CGI is not over used.

I love characters played Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer, who play parents trying to protect there two teenage kids who have mutant powers, and are hunted. The series has other characters, but the family is the driving force of the show. It deals with people being badly judged just for being different, so much of that goes around in real life too. I hope the show will go on for a while, I wonder if any the actors from the X-Men movies will make an appearance here, I hope.
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Loving it!
dseang200017 October 2017
I'm usually hesitant to watch new TV shows these days as they mostly disappoint me. I am very critical on quality of acting and the plot or the story itself. I'm hooked alright!. Although it is more like the X-men series, it's surprisingly captivating. It emphasized the importance of family and value of human lives. The acting is excellent; the plot is unpredictable. The CGI can be improved, but it's far better than standard TV shows. It's an action show but not too violent. It's a great show to watch for the entire family.
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The few outcasts amongst the living are heroes once more
bonewisher17 October 2017
For all fans out there loving the Heroes series The Gifted will be a great follow up in the realm of X.

Amy Acker is an amazing actress and brings depth and focus to the story. The cast are carefully picked and the result is great. The Gifted series will give any watcher a great episode of the Marvel X world.

The X world are filled with Mutants and we normal humans don't really understand how to handle the situation. Some act in fear and some with rage. The Gifted deliver a great aspect of the issues between mutants and normal humans.

Watching The Gifted won't waste your time.
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Outstandingly average.
christopherdancarter29 October 2018
This show just doesn't seem to go anywhere. It's actually getting boring. It reminds me of the strain a little bit. In that it gets your attention initially. Shows a spec of promise but then get a dragged out because the writers just don't have enough substance in the story line. Everything that had been achieved so far could have done so in the first season.

Too much padding around a tiny bit of story line
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Expected disappointment but didn't happen
commandor_data14 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have just seen 2 episodes so far. I was afraid it would be a low-cost comics adaptation (not one X-men, blurry background about time and situation) but I must say I'm delighted.

It's really entertaining, no bad scripts like Flash or Arrow (so far at least). I hope it won't go down like so many other super hero shows.
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Marvel's Twilight
shagrog6 October 2017
Points for effort.

My guess is that this is low budget, as the special effects are a bit off. And it makes sense, since this is a show based on X-Men, to not bet a lot on it and rely on the performances of the actors and staff for at least a season or two.

However, this reeks of Twilight. You know, perfect makeup/hair even after surviving an explosion. Oh, did you get hit by a car? Let me put a small drop of blood running down from your forehead. We could do it realistically, but you wouldn't look as handsome. Are you a mutant? Let me get you the most awful contact lenses I can find. Is this a TV show based on the lives of the "little mutants"? Nothing makes more sense than giving you the same powers as the A-list super-heroes and say "Those X-Men guys don't notice us". Just try to do it with a straight face.

The drama is so much over the top, it's laughable. Just like Twilight. "I know what you are...", "Say it!", "You're a mutant". Holy... Did I just quote Twilight? Almost. I'm losing respect for myself, so I'll wrap this up quickly.

As boring and ridiculous as the show may seem, they keep dropping X- Men references so people will remember why they're watching the show.

Legion was great because it was so freaking weird and different. This is Agents of Shield season 1 all over again, but with Twilight- scented candles and True Blood actors. So, there might still be... hope? Sure... Good luck for those who stay.

I'm sorry for some of the actors. They could be doing better stuff.
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Seen it before, hope it goes somewhere
mossikukulas-213143 October 2017
This is very reminiscent of Heroes and the first episode hasn't shown something we haven't seen before.

There are some token characters and basically if you've seen any of the trailers out there you've seen the first episode. The little sentinels look a little bit too much like the robots from the Matrix.

Acting is good, CGI is bearable but could do better.

Not sure where the plot is going.. is it just mutants vs the Sentinel program? Anyhow it's not a bad start but it's not great either. At this stage it's decent but it could go either way.
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andrewbellerby5 November 2018
I could not fault this show of anything, the special effects are so on point, the storyline is brilliant. I can't wait for the next episode.
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They got it right
demetrius113 October 2017
Finally a good "Marvel" Universe TV show. Great cast, good SFX, great plot and suspense. Writers at FOX paid attention to the original X-men literature and to me, a longtime Marvel fan, that is important! Very happy to finally see the X-Universe coming back to life and really looking forward to the next episode. p.s. Natalie Alyn Lind ! wow
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ugh. flashy, predictable, wooden
scottjl8 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
sorry, not going to go all fanboy for this rehash of yet another hunted mutant show. The story line is completely predictable, the acting is very wooden (Stephen Moyer seems like he's still playing Vampire Bill), and lots of flashy CGI. Looks like Fox TV has the rights to the word "mutant" and can name-drop "set in the X-Men universe" and even some minor characters (Thunderbird, Polaris, Blink) for some fan recognition. But unless the writing and acting get better very fast this won't last a season, if that.
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Pity about the acting
percyferrao30 October 2017
The story is OK... same heroes type series. Unfortunately it is flooded with clichés, over acting and those corny lines we have heard a million times that makes a person cringe! Good program amateur actors that unfortunately make it barely watchable. Hopefully as the episodes go on, things will improve and I will be hooked.
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Well, not much to say about this mediocre show.
Hitchslapped10 October 2017
So far none of the characters seem to be that interesting. The acting is okay but far from outstanding. It's your classic mutant rebels VS government agency show. Maybe it's because we've already seen too much super-powered stuff but when a pilot shows you about half a dozen superpowers and none of those scenes are even remotely "cool" then you know this show probably won't excite you. My prediction is that the show is too boring to watch every week but the story will probably get too complicated to miss a few episodes every now and then. My advise would be to watch the pilot and make up your own mind or just skip the show altogether. This definitely won't be a show people talk about anyway.
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Season one was bearable, two is not
didkus10 October 2018
I've been an X-men fan ever since I can remember. This is the only reason I've stuck so far with the show. However, the writing is poor and only getting worse. Apparently there is no budget so most of the show is just people talking and explaining their feelings and thoughts and going through things we have already seen or know from others. More like a soap than anything. The acting is OK for a show like this and Polaris' looks are done well, but these are the only good things I can say. If you want to watch something which is actually worth it, better try the animated series about mutants, any of them are better than this.
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Dumb as hell!
chijim709 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Was really rooting for a new marvel series. I give mad leeway for plot flaws because I love the trend of comics to cinema. That said... My uncontrollable asshole portal power is always ONLY in front of police who just so happen to be chasing us specifically! What idiot wrote and what other idiot cleared this?
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Not at all Like X-men
anitamvanr-1541612 October 2017
This show has great material to work with and the premise should make for a great show. Unfortunately the script writing leaves a lot to be desired and the acting is sub par. The dialogue is awkward and unimaginative, and it feels like the script has just been recycled from another TV show. Hopefully it improves as the season progresses but so far it has been a disappointment with nothing setting it apart from any other show on TV right now.
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Yet Another Stale Mutant Series
Man992045 October 2017
Yawn, yet another tiresome Marvel series. Yawn, yet another tiresome Marvel Mutant series. It is sad that Fox Executives think there are enough fifteen year old boys and Nerds who live in their Mother's Basements to justify yet another tiresome Mutant themed series.

Is this a bad series? Candidly I would have to answer no. But there are only so many things a writer can do with Mutant characters -- so I do not hold out hope for any originality or real character development.

The Actors struggle through the series. They manage to keep a straight face while delivering the most preposterous lines. For an action packed series, the cast struggles to merely stay awake. This ennui is particularly evident with the more well known Adult Actors.

I do not expect this series to last beyond ten episodes -- so catch it now while you can.
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Maybe good for 12 year old children
dontfightagainstthetruth8 November 2017
The same as Inhumans, Star Trek: Discovery, The Orville, etc. Nothing new, I personally can't relate to a story that is both signally unreal and too much over-done. some people have magical powers because they are mutant, they just run away from cops and authorities because they wanna catch them. I don't know when exactly they are gonna produce a good show that has roots in reality, they probably won't 'cause writing and producing a show that is based on real world situations requires some intelligent minds most of the Hollywood writers don't have. They just can come up with childish scenarios based on the fantasies before explosive mind-ejaculations.
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Not Impressed
amckee-6406317 November 2017
I wanted to like this show. I even bought a few of the episodes on YouTube. I admit that I was biased from the beginning--after all, Legion is the ultimate mutants-running-from-the- government show. But my general impression is of bad dialogue, thin characters, and an at- first engaging plot line that starts to go downhill. The mutants are constantly whining about being outnumber and outgunned, but they're practically gods. They could kill anybody who got in their way if they wanted to. The part about brainwashed mutants is a little interesting, if it weren't for the fact that it was blatantly stolen from The Winter Solider and X2. We're supposed to feel sorry for Polaris after she gets sent to prison, but she wasted time bashing a guy against a dumpster while she was supposed to be escaping--she has no one to blame, but herself. If she really is bipolar, there doesn't seem to be much evidence of it in later episodes. If we do want to make a television show about bigotry, drug suppliers, and running from the law, why not make a show about real live immigrants from Mexico or Syria? And before someone starts accusing me of being a mutant racist, please remember that MUTANTS AREN"T REAL!
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Encountered feelings
abylavaque25 October 2017
I have loved the x-men universe since I was first introduced to it many years ago. When I found out there was going to be a show about it I was of course excited as FX's Legion had been absolutely amazing. Then I watched the trailer of this show and I knew at that time it would be pretty crappy but still I had to hope for the best... Sadly, I was right. I have watched three episodes so far and OH MY GOD the writing is so basic and shitty it makes me want to cease existing. Should you watch it? Yes. Maybe. I don't know. But don't say I didn't warn you.
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A little less conversation A little more action please
kostasvog5 December 2017
After seeing the last episode i can tell that this is the worst Marvel TV show. It started great with Singer and Wiseman directing the first two episodes. The rest is a mediocre sci-fi TV show with lousy dialogues, very bad acting (especially from the two siblings) and no money at all. All you can see is people talk, talk, talk. I may as well rewatch the Inhumans.
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Destined to go steadily downwards like The 100
speaktoranjit24 October 2017
Read about it and thought should give it a go

1st episode promising

4th episode in? I can see where this will end up. Like The 100, this show does not know what it wants to be. For adults or teens.

This is not a visual feast or has the high-end thinking of Legion, which frankly was very bold television

The Gifted is that kinda annoying cheesy badly written script, bad acting, implausible story lines with gaping holes, bad effects (almost ancient CGI), poorly drawn out characters, not one character that you feel an affinity for.

In a world of Peak TV, where every episode counts to retain audiences, The Gifted is a lame inclusion on the week's schedule.

The sort of "maybe if I give it a few episodes it will get better" approach is just begging for that inevitable point, where you wished you could have the wasted hours back.

It may get renewed, but that would just mean another series that limps towards a sudden axe from the studio, leaving everyone frustrated.
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a bit too much
gp-2014125 May 2018
I do not know how I should feel about this. I guess, I´ve seen worse und worst und this is not so bad. I decided to watch it on a hunch and I do not regret having done so, but there are some things going wrong here. The teenie storylines of Andy and Lauren, yeah, I get those, they are just teens, some things I just overlook, when it comes to them, but not the parents.

I´ve watched, what now, three episodes and I am not satisfied with what I am watching. The father is just not credible, 20 years a prosecutor and he changes to a totally-ok-with-this gullible fugitive over night, just because he loves his family, so a change like that should just be- -what? obvious? It is not, not after 20 years of ruthless prosecution! And the mother? I don´t know who wrote her, but her actions and reactions are often horrifically moronic and annoying. Whoever wrote her part, did not do the show a favor.

Other than that, the acting is mostly decent and the mutant abilities and cgi do not overwhelm. It is interesting to see the mutants generally interact, not just in action scenes, I do like that, even though some lines are cheesy. Someone who has been hunted and discriminated all his life, will not just say "yeah, I´ve done some stupid things out of love too" after yet another incredibly moronic move Caitlin pulled in the third episode jeopardizing the whole underground hq. A grown up woman sleeps with a kitchen knife on a sofa but is still in doubt when she has to haul @ss and get the f... away from her brother´s house? Instead she decides to stay over the night and still has not made up her mind to just get her kids and run when two leaders of the underground operation show up telling her "if we can find you, so can others"?

Who wrote this episode? Can someone tell me who wrote this plainly horrifically moronic character? He should be sued because he is ruining every shred of credibility the show has. Dramatic build-up and inner conflicts and loyalties and taking risks because of them, yes that I get, but not when it goes overboard on blatant stupidity. I would have given the show more than six stars, but moron Caitlin just ruins it sometimes and that is poison for an action / sci fi / fantasy series.
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thefolenangel3 October 2017
Disclaimer: I have written this review based on all the episodes, which are out, currently that is only episode 1 :=)

A show being set within the X-Men universe that followed a completely different cast and narrative than that of familiar characters we've previously seen portrayed.

My initial thoughts were negative, to say the least. I mean just hear how does the above read. Scary!

I was pretty sure this show will fail. So naturally, when I was given the chance to watch the pilot and bolster my ego by proving myself right on why this show would fail I jumped at it.

Now I can say with confidence that not only am I impressed with the direction and vision for this show, but I have a genuine interest on where this story will end up. On of the most interesting, to me, parts of this series so far is, that it isn't just trying to spin things in a new way, it's just trying to use genre identities to cover new ground. I didn't expect such a high quality from creator Matt Nix.

To sum it up, gave this show a shot.
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